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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

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  • 31/10/17

    Reception Places September 2018

    If your child is due to start Primary School in September 2018
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  • 01/12/17

    Inspirational Arts Stars are RAPS House Heroes

    International stars from the world of art, music, drama and dance are the inspiration for the names of the school house system at Ramsgate Arts Primary. They are award-winning contemporary artist Tracey Emin who comes from Margate (Emin House); acclaimed dancer, writer and television celebrity Da...
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  • 27/11/17

    Starry Night Art Stars

    Vincent van Gogh’s classic creation Starry Night has been reinterpreted by young artists in Ramsgate.  The work of the Dutch post-impressionist has been studied in depth by pupils at Ramsgate Arts Primary School as part of their arts learning in recent weeks.  A competition run...
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  • 17/11/17

    Pupil Council Has A Strong Voice

    The election for the first pupil council has been held at Ramsgate Arts Primary School.  Candidates were chosen and each had to prepare and deliver speeches about why they want to be part of the leadership group that has an important role to play in the life of the school.  The pupil...
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  • 13/11/17

    Term 2 Art Competition

    Andy Goldsworthy – Autumn Leaves
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  • 13/11/17

    RAPS celebrate ARP

    Young artists in Ramsgate have created their own exhibition in honour of avant-garde artist Jean Arp. Pupils at Ramsgate Arts Primary School have worked closely with learning teams at the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate which is showing Arp’s work in The Poetry of Forms until January...
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  • 20/10/17

    Young Artists Inspired by Amazing Jean Arp Show

    The extensive work of artist Jean Arp is inspiring a new generation at Ramsgate Arts Primary School.  As part of its link with Turner Contemporary at Margate, RAPS pupils have been experiencing Arp’s creativity first hand in a series of workshops focussed around the current exhibition...
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  • 17/10/17

    Farmyard Fun and Learning

    Creatures great and small brought the farmyard right onto the playing fields for young children at Ramsgate Arts Primary School. Reception class and Year 1 pupils were able to get up close in a fun educational experience with a variety of animals brought along by farmers James and Abby Brindley...
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  • 19/09/17

    Ramsgate Arts Primary – It’s Just brilliant!

    Bright, beautiful and brilliant – that’s what pupils feel about Thanet’s first specialist arts primary that has opened its doors for the start of the new school year.
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  • 04/09/17

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School Opening

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  • 01/09/17

    First Steps in New School

    A group of four year olds are first pupils to see inside Ramsgate Arts Primary, Thanet’s latest school. The Reception group children were invited into school with their families on Friday, September 1, a week before the new school term started. They explored the specially-designed buildi...
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