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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Guiding Principles

We will have the highest expectations of behaviour for adults and children alike. Our policy, procedure and practice will be developed in partnership with the whole community and will be built upon respect and ethical behaviour. Everyone will be clear about their rights and responsibilities and also the consequences of poor behaviour choices.

Through our aim of becoming a Rights Respecting School, we will expect all our children to play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community through: class and school councils; family and community activities; fund raising events; supporting charities; valuing diversity; caring for each other and respecting the environment.

We want our children to become confident and self-motivated; to know right from wrong; to understand their rights and responsibilities and to see the need for rules within our society.

Within a school ‘family’ some guidelines will be essential; these are mostly matters of common sense to ensure the safety of our children. The emphasis in the school is to praise positive behaviour, attitude and effort and to increase children’s awareness of the need to make a positive contribution to their community.

We will have a Behaviour Policy which is consistently applied by all adults who work in school and the aims for that policy is briefly outlined below:


  • We will strive to create a positive climate in which pupil’s self esteem is nurtured and misbehaviour becomes a less attractive way to gain attention.
  • All people in the school will be valued, respected and safe.
  • School will be an orderly environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place.
  • Everyone will work together to encourage good behaviour.
  • A high level of parental involvement is encouraged and expected.
  • We will work closely with other agencies to ensure that children with complex needs and difficulties, and their families are given appropriate support.

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour

Our school will have five simple rules displayed in classes along with class rules which will be negotiated by pupils with the class teacher.
Minor rule breaking will be addressed as appropriate. Members of staff will provide attention to those who are behaving correctly. When pupils have to be reminded of the rules, this will be done quietly and calmly with the aim of getting the pupil back on task as soon as possible. The inappropriate behaviour will be criticised not the child.

What happens if a child behaves inappropriately?

  • The child will be given three warnings and on the third warning there will be a loss of privilege.
  • They may be given ‘time out’ to calm down and reflect.
  • If the inappropriate behaviour continues, the child may be placed on a behaviour card.
  • This will remain with the teacher for one week and will be signed daily by a member of the school.

Senior Leadership Team

Where there are acts of unprovoked aggression, rudeness, swearing, or persistent misbehaviour that could endanger or distract other children, the Head of school will discuss the child’s behaviour with the child and parents will be notified. As a result of such behaviour, a child may face internal exclusion, where they will work independently with a Learning Behaviour Mentor, or the school may use ‘alternative hours’ for other forms of behaviour.

The school will always work with its partners in trying to address a child’s behaviour and outside agencies will be used for the most inappropriate forms of behaviour.

All adults in school will keep in mind that EACH DAY IS A FRESH START.

Working together to improve behaviour – We will always try to work with parents. Good behaviour is the result of a partnership between home and school and standards set at home and school should complement each other.

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