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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Our Working Day

The formal school year will be 38 weeks divided into 6 terms in line with the local family of schools, with five hours of taught time each day across both the key stages.

We will use the freedoms of being a free school to adjust the schools hours. The school day will start earlier than all other local schools, at 8.30am and will formally end at 3.00pm for Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils.

Our Key Stage 2 pupil’s day will also start at 8.30am but will finish at 4.15pm Monday to Thursday when our Arts Curriculum is taking place and at 3.00pm on a Friday. Each day there will be a 15 minute midmorning break, (except for EYFS which will have 20 minutes, which will also incorporate a healthy eating snack & milk time) and a 1 hour lunch period for all pupils.

We will cater particularly for the working parent and those looking to return to employment providing both before and after school care beyond the school day and also an extended year. Apart from the Arts curriculum activities, there will be a range of before and after school activities for the children, their parents and other members of the community, with additional opportunities during the school holiday period.

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Ramsgate Arts Primary School 
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