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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance


What’s Going on at Ramsgate Arts Primary School Today?

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Reception – Autumn Term 2017

Morning routine

We ask that you wait with your child on the outside their classroom until 8.15.  Once the classroom doors are open please come straight into your child’s class and try to encourage your child not to touch the resources that are outside as they are set up for the day.  Adults are welcome into the classroom initially to help their children put their coats and book bags away and are free at this point to ask the teachers any queries or questions they may have.  However, we do encourage independence and once your child is confident coming into school we would greatly appreciate you encouraging your child to put away their coats and book bags by themselves.


During term one we will be focusing on rhyme and the rhythm of words.  We will be introducing the children to a number of sounds and will be encouraging them to try and hear the initial sounds in words. This quickly moves onto building and writing CVC words as we work through our phonics programme ‘Read Write Inc’.  We will begin to learn some sight vocabulary, such as I and the.  Please see the weekly newsletters for the sounds and words your child has covered.

Some books we will be using with the children this term will include ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan Oke and ‘What does daddy do’ by Rachel Bright.

In reception your child will bring home a reading book from the book corner for you to read to them. These can be changed daily. Once your child is ready to learn to read we will send home reading scheme books. We change all reading books daily as and when you are ready to change them. 

It is our expectation at Ramsgate Arts Primary School is that children read for at least 10 minutes every night. Please sign your child’s reading record when you read with them. Please also ensure that your child has their reading record and banded book at school every day.

Every child will have the opportunity to take home a book from the class book corners to share at home. This may be a book to share with family members at story time and does not necessarily have to be read as a banded reading book would be. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you are unsure about this. These books are for the whole class to share so please bring them back as soon as you have finished reading them.


During term one we will be focusing on counting with your child. We will count actions, noises, fixed objects, objects that can be moved and we will count out a set number of objects from a larger amount.  We will begin to recognise some numbers and shapes.


In reception we decide what topics we will teach depending on the children’s interests and trends in play.  This term we will be covering the topic ‘All About Me’. This will include family, animals, learning about our bodies and what we want to do when we grow up. Please keep an eye on the weekly blog for what our topics are and the types of activities we are learning about.


In reception your child will not need a PE kit until Term 2.  They will not need plimsolls until April. Please keep an eye on the weekly blog to find out which day your child does P.E as this may change on a termly basis. 

Home Learning

In reception children will receive one love to learn task per term beginning from October half term. 


Our school uniform exists both for health and safety reasons and to develop a sense of pride and responsibility in being a member of the Ramsgate Arts Primary School community. The uniform policy  includes the expectation that all children will wear black school shoes (trainers are not acceptable footwear), that long hair should be tied back at all times and that, with the exception of a watch and a pair of small stud earrings, NO jewellery may be worn by children. We also ask you to remember that children should not be wearing make-up or nail varnish to school and hair styles should not be extreme – this includes unnatural hair colours. The school’s uniform policy is listed in the school’s prospectus and if you would like another copy, please ask at the school office. Please ensure your child is dressed according to this policy and that all items of clothing are clearly named.

General Messages

Sipping water throughout the day aids concentration and learning. Please provide your child with a water bottle which they may keep with them throughout the day. These are available from the school office.

It is vital that pupils arrive at school on time and that absence is kept to a minimum.  Frequent lateness and absences can have a huge negative impact on a child’s learning so please try to have your child in school by 8.20am every day.  

Miss Richards

Year R teacher

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